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We create solutions through products

Cleancoding develop both digital and physical products. We focus on product development and we don't look on problems as problems, we see them as opportunities. By that we know every problem leads to solutions, which can make the life easier for the user, but we are struggling to choose the most optimal.
Do you need a webapplication or an advanced website?
Do you need a graphic identity in form of logo, banner or other grapically material?
3D Printing
Do you need drawing of your product in CAD format? Or do you need to get your product 3D Printed?

If you are in search of something mentioned here, your are the right place.

Cleancoding serves as a portfolio. It must showcase what we do, as well as make you interested in cooperating with us. You can read more about us below.
Frederik Veng Steffensen
UDD - Produkt Development & Design
As person, I’m committed and targeted, in what I’m doing. I have a big interest in development of both digital and physical products. An interest I have allocated though education and hobbies.
Person Comming Soon
UUD - Not available
Not available

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